best cigar lighters

Best Cigar Lighters: 12 Top Choices for Cigar Enthusiasts

Just as Batman needs Robin (his loyal sidekick), your cigar needs proper sidekick, like, say, for example, a cigar lighter. One designed for use with cigars is a very important smoking accessory to own.

A common mistake newbies make is to skimp on cigar accessories such as a lighter and then ruin their expensive stogie when they light up with a bic.

NEVER light an expensive cigar with a Bic lighter; it can ruin your entire smoke.

Never use a Bic in place of a torch tailored for cigars. Normal lighters can ruin the taste of the cigar while a quality torch flame cigar lighter can improve your smoking experience. They even sell some with a punch or a cigar cutter, and both tools are useful when smoking cigars.

Top Cigar Lighters for Every Budget

Cheap Cigar Lighters Under $20

  • Moretti Vertigo Churchill: A low-cost quad flame butane cigar torch lighter. Durable metal construction with a rubberized outer casing and a fold out cigar punch cutter.
  • JetLine Patriot: This affordable torch lighter from Jetline is a perfect entry level cigar torch lighter; it also bears the “Amazons Choice” seal. This powerful triple flame lighter also comes with a cigar punch at the bottom, making its value hard to match!
  • JetLine Super Torch: This windproof triple flame torch lighter produces such an intense flame you can use it almost anywhere, even in the face of hurricanes like wind this lighter can still get your cigar lit quickly. Also features an adjustable flame and a smooth ignition trigger.
  • Lotus Vertigo: This triple flame cyclone lighter comes with a clear or see-through charcoal tank so you can see how much fuel you have left. Don’t let its small size fool you, the Cyclone can ignite the fattest of cigars!
  • JetLine Moretti Tornado Super Lock: As the name suggests, it comes equipped with a super lock that needs to be unlocked. To prevent mis-use it comes with a safety button you will need to push to unlock it. Then, push again to light it up.
  • Firebird Ascent: It features one of the most interesting and unique ignition systems, not seen in other lighters. It is also waterproof and wind resistant, making it the perfect companion on your next camping trip.

Cool Unique Cigar Lighters

  • Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch: Convert your Zippo lighter into a torch lighter with the Z-Plus 2.0 insert. Your sure to enjoy lighting your cigar with the Z-Plus 2.0. Quality craftsmanship ensures that it lights every single time you pull the trigger. This lighter is a great match between quality and value, and like other similar lighters, it has a massive tank at the bottom.
  • HUOWA 2-in-1 Soft Flame/Jet Torch Lighter: This cool cigar lighter has a unique dual flame feature that allows you to switch between  soft flame and a jet torch mode. Perfect for anyone who smokes both pipes and cigars.

Top of The Line Luxury Cigar Torches

  • ST Dupont Defy Extreme: Looking for the ultimate luxury cigar lighter? If so, this one here is the cream of the crop. They create this single flame lighter with the highest quality parts sourced from all around the world. Everything about this piece, inside and out, screams premium. Integrated into this amazing lighter is a cigar punch that will deliver perfect holes worth every penny of the almost $200 price tag.
  • Colibri Astoria: This beautiful triple flame lighter. The trigger is easy to pull and it integrates an amazing double cut system inside the device. This is a slick, cool, and pleasing lighter.
  • Xicar ELX Black: This one produces a ton of flame. If you’re looking for a lighter that can make a huge flame, the ELX Black will appeal to you straight away.

Tabletop Lighters

  • Honest Quad Tabletop Lighter: Made of zinc alloy with a rosewood grain finish, this tabletop lighter looks like a $150 to $200 luxury cigar lighter but it won’t even set you back $30 bucks! Single click ignition button unleashes the adjustable powerful red quad flame.  
  • XiKAR Volta Tabletop Cigar Lighter: Attractive quad flame lighter comes with a warranty and giftbox. Choose from five different finishes: black, silver, brown, copper, and red.