How to cut a cigar

How To Cut A Cigar: Everything You Need to Know

Amateurs often ruin a good smoke with a bad cut. There are many ways to cut a cigar properly, and even more to do it improperly.

You can do it with or without a cutter and certain cigars may require a specific cut to match the stick. The correct way to cut a cigar is only correct if it works for you.

Use this guide to experiment cutting your cigar with different methods to find one that matches your personal preferences best.

Let’s dive into this mystifying cigar cutting business.

Construction of Cigar

Make sure you know how a cigar is put together, this is key to avoiding cutting mistakes. A cigar is held together with a cap at the top. It is placed there with a flavorless, odorless adhesive. Beneath the cap exists, what-we-call the shoulder of the cigar.

Aim somewhere above the shoulder of the cigar. Anything below that risks the wrapper coming off and nothing holding the cigar anymore. Such a cigar unravels and you end up with a mouthful of tobacco so quick. Such a low cut will ruin your cigar smoking experience.

You need cutters for sharp clean cuts. It prevents cigar from unraveling entirely. When a cutter is not readily available you can use cigar punch that’s present in lighters. Nevertheless, nothing matches a clean cut, a cigar cutter offers. Cutting is part of the ritual of enjoying a great smoke.

Types of Cigar (Figarados) and How To Cut Them

Parejo (Straight): Parejo is the perfect straight cigar with well-defined cap and shoulder. Find the spot in cigar where the cap comes over the shoulder. You can do it by touching the cigar. Place the cutter just above where the cap is attached. With a sharp motion, give it a wide open cut.

Torpedo: Torpedo is everything like Parejo, except it features a sharp pointed end at the top. Aim down quarter of an inch from pointy tip of the cigar. Use a double bladed gelatin cutter, wedge cutter or bullet cutter on this type of cigar. Squeeze the cutter in short motion to take off the quarter of an inch, tip.

Pyramid: Pyramid is similar to torpedo except it bends more like a V till the end. Pyramid does well with a V cut rather than a straight cut. Use a V cutter to cut off the tip of the cigar. Take a cold taste to test its draw. Simply put, pyramid works almost like torpedo.

Perfecto: Perfecto has both ends closed off and rounded. Perfectos can be cut on both sides. There is a rounded tip at one end and pointed knob at the bottom. Open up the top by taking off a little bit. Cut off little by little till until you get a good taste of the draw.

Some prefer taking off quarter of an inch at the bottom, which gives you a fuller draw. Some like to work with the narrow draw till it opens up to the fatter point of the cigar. You can take that decision purely based on personal preferences.

Checking Your Cut…

After the cut is done, brush off the loose pieces of tobacco with your index finger. Alternatively, you can tap the cigar on the ashtray to get rid of excess tobacco. In case of torpedo or pyramid cigar, take a cold taste at the tip to test the draw of the cigar. If it doesn’t feel full enough, cut down just a little bit more.