Lighting cigar with lighter

How To Light A Cigar: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Choosing the right cigar…

Choosing the right cigar for the right occasion is so important. To complement a good meal, follow it up with mild, smooth cigar.

The duration a cigar lasts, vary from one cigar to another. Thus, it should also be factored in, before purchasing one. Move your fingers over the cigar to ensure no knots or soft spots.

Holding it…

You shouldn’t be holding a cigar like a cigarette. A cigar does indeed go between your index finger and middle finger. It rests on your index finger just like a cigarette.

Nevertheless, you have to wrap your index finger around the cigar for a perfect grip. You can also hold it using all your fingers. The choice of removing or keeping the band on the cigar is up to you.

Lighting it…

You can use anything between wooden matches, cedar matches or butane lighter to light a cigar. You can’t use a gasoline lighter because it can alter the actual flavor. Cedar matches and butane lighter gives you longer time to light your cigar.

After you cut off the top the cigar, moisten the other end of the cigar. Use a match or butane lighter to light the top. Keep rotating the cigar to light it evenly. Repeat till you see a red out glow. You can puff lightly, but avoid inhaling it.

Smoking it…

The first and foremost rule to smoking a cigar is, do not inhale the smoke. The high alkaline content in the cigar plus the low levels of nicotine can make you cough when inhaling it. Moreover, you can always enjoy the taste of the cigar without the smoke.

Set the cigar down between puffs to prevent it from getting hot. Choose a relaxed place to smoke your cigar. Public smoking is banned in a few states. You just shouldn’t afford to waste a fine cigar and paying the fines.

Cigar is something you must smoke slowly. When you are doing it too quickly, you are going to heat up the cigar too much and it’s going to ruin the taste. It results in unraveling and thereby ruins your smoking experience.

Rolling off the ash…

Know when and how to remove the ash. Flicking ash off the cigar can cause uneven burn. Carefully roll the ash off the cigar using edge of the ash tray.

Simply put, do not tap ash like you do with a cigarette. You don’t remove ash as often as in case of cigarette.

In fact, a long ash is an indicator of quality of the cigar. If the ash drops off, you might have to relight the cigar.

Using for later…

When you have a smaller cigar like Corona, it takes 30 minutes to smoke it. A longer cigar like Corojo might take 60-90 minutes. You cannot always smoke the entire duration.

However, you can use the cigar for later. Cut the cigar using a cigar cutter, leaving the unburned part and keep it in a box. Later, you can light it again and smoke it.