strol cannabis

strol cannabis

Search for products across the stock of legal cannabis dispensaries around you with one click. Hop between dispensary menus without leaving the app. Find the products you want in a flash. Become a unicorn and fly into outer space! All of this (except for one), you can do in Strol.

We take the high road when it comes to cannabis. Our goal is to help everybody shop for the best cannabis around them, so we make sure the dispensaries we list on our platform are fully licensed and follow proper safety regulations.

Strol is a lifestyle app for people interested in cannabis products and the growing cannabis lifestyle. We’ll guide you to the brands, products, deals, and dispensaries you’re looking for.

Let’s say you’re cannabis curious (aren’t we all). Strol helps you narrow down your choices in the gigantic cannabis marketplace and find the best dispensaries around you.

Strol is only available for use in markets where recreational and medical cannabis are permitted. Only those of legal age to possess and consume cannabis in their area may use this app.

Strol is product of Purple Fog Enterprises, a cannabis technology company based in Seattle, WA and founded in 2018.

By Purple Fog Enterprises

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